held "virtually" on JULY 30, 2020.

The international MEN'S MARCH to stop rape, sexual assault, family and gender violence.

**To view amazing pictures and videos of our 'virtual' walkers, check out our Facebook page at www.camrosewomenshelter.org/facebook,
our YOUTUBE page at:

5. 2020 wam poster


Our annual Walk A Mile in Her Shoes MEN'S MARCH to stop rape, sexual assault, family and gender violence is the Shelter's only major fundraiser. Due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of the Big Valley Jamboree and Kickin' Country Parade,  male walkers will "virtually" don red high heels and put their best foot forward to help raise awareness of women and children impacted by the long-standing effects of domestic violence.

Invite the men in your life to participate in this fun event! Men can pick up their RED HIGH HEEL SHOES at Sole City Shoes in Camrose by July 15th, and then take a picture or video of themselves in the shoes either at work, on the golf course, on a tractor, mowing the lawn or any other activity or place of choice and send it to us by July 17th.  By doing this they help create awareness for the Shelter by showing the community they are against domestic violence. Their participation will also help raise much needed funds for Shelter operations.

The Shelter's Executive Director, Nora-Lee Rear, states, "It's so important for us to have men as partners in everything we do  at the Shelter. We're never going to end domestic violence without including men."

Contact the Shelter at 780-679-4975 ext 8 to register and we will send you a pledge sheet and the latest "Walk A Mile" info.

Please join us for a fun and memorable time on July 30th for our Live Facebook Party from 12:00noon to 1pm where we will display all the walker pictures and videos we have received and say THANK YOU to all who have participated to help make this a successful event.

There will be prizes so STAY TUNED!